Sharing Assembly

It’s the final day of book week and we all enjoyed a stunning sharing assembly today where we got to see what each class put together. Not all videos can be uploaded as not all children have permission however here are some of our performances.

Although book week ends we now launch into our ‘Mad March Reading Challenge’. Look out for the sheet that comes home. If you complete the challenge there is a chance of a prize!!

And please go right down to the bottom of the post! Even Mr. Croom had a book corner during Lunchtime! And whilst we are on; thank you to Mr. Croom and the Friends of Benton Park for a great Book Sale.


Class 6 Green Screens!

Class 5-That Pesky Rat

Class 10

Class 8

Mr Croom’s Book Corner

Book in a Box

Today we did things a little differently! From Reception through to Year 6 we got into teams!

Miss Witherow gave us all a book and a box, and we then had to make that book in the box! We were allowed to use anything in the classroom and other bits of junk we could find! We had a great time doing it. We will get a chance to see every bodies work in the sharing assembly on Friday.

Book Week Day 2

Book Week has got off to a great start! There is a real buzz about the place and the children are enjoying working on ‘one theme’ throughout the week. Each class has its own book and all the work produced will be on that book.

On top of that we have World Book Day, Radio Shows, a Book fair and a sharing assembly to look forward to! So plenty still to come and we will keep you up to date on this page!

Teachers have also been taking the opportunity to read some of their favourite books to the children!

Let us know your favourite part so far!

Book Week

Welcome to Book Week! We have hijacked this site to showcase our work that we put together for book week. Posts may of course appear on year group pages too!

This week will be all about books and stories!

Miss Witherow launched book week reading us the story of ‘Burglar Bill’. We also had a chance to listen to the telling of ‘Peter and the Wolf’ You can watch it here..

So enjoy your week! We’d love to hear about what you’re doing in your classes…

Here is a quick quiz to get you going…

Who wrote Burglar Bill?
Who did Bill marry?
What was the Baby found in?
What food did the Baby like?
and finally..
Why did Miss Witherow like the book?

Creativity Sharing Assembly

So Creativity Fortnight comes to a close! We hope you all enjoyed it.

We had a wonderful sharing assembly finding out about the Magical Boggits, poisonous potions, the wonder of colour and the dark magic of ‘The Savage’

Here are the highlights!

But before we sign off we must thank Mrs Eaton, as behind all ‘the magic’ lies an organiser, cajoler, motivator and someone with Magical Ideas-and she is all of those.

Year 3/4 Colour Animations

Foundation Stage: Boggits

Year 5/6: The Savage

Key Stage 1