The savage

As the savage worked acros the street he cud smel the sweet smel of blue and Jess. But he cudnt help it he just had to see them agen so… He crept thru the hous and into jesses room. He sor the litl gurl, he trid to tork to her but it just cam out like ‘grunt grunt grrrrr grunt’. So insted he strocd her hed and worked away.

Breaking the rules of writing!

Part of David Almond’s writing technique is to actually ‘break the rules of writing’ for effect. To write in the style of the Savage we broke the rules of spelling, grammar and punctuation! It was pretty difficult after being taught to follow the rules all year!

Heres’s some examples of our writing in the comment section below…


What can you remember | Things to be won Creativity Edition!| Winners are 2017robin and Mr Shepard!

Welcome to Things To Be Won this is your host Duncan.

What will you remember forever about Creativity 2016?

Well mine is the trip to see the Savage!

reply in the comment section, I will give a prize to the best answer. Remember to make sure you comments are correctly spelt and grammatically correct! Remember the deadline will be Friday!

Guys if you hadn’t already known there will be an end of the year edition!

the prize will be awarded on Monday!