Creativity Radio

Hi everyone Abigail.c here!
Its the end of creativity and were holding the yearly exibition however this year were doing a special radio broadcast in the KS1 dinner hall!
It is taking perants through the 50s,60s,70s,80,90,00 and now! Im realy nervous about doing it!
see you soon Abigail!

Creativity Launch with Steve and Karen!!

So we hope you enjoyed the Launch!A big Thank you to Steve and Karen from Metro Radio’s Breakfast show for swaping the Metro Airwaves for Benton Parks!! And very well done to Miss Collins(for keeping it together!) and of course the Radio Crew (Abigail, Lucy, Lewis , Ethan & Adam). We knew you’d be brilliant and you were!

Want to hear the whole show again? Play the Boo. The songs and the jingles were all made by Y6 too!


Hello im Abigail and im writing to tell you the goings on so far as we get ever closer to creativity fortnight.

Above you will see a link for the radio page, the latest ones are linked to creativity, so have a look and comment.

Haltwhistle have come back to finish doing editing and will soon be gining the premeir of the new y6 film!
Thanks for reading and comment on what your looking forward to about creativity.
Once again thanks for reading and I’ll see you soon!