Day 3 in Creativity

I have enjoyed Creativity Fortnight for the past few days,have you?It is really relaxing to work with the music on and have a good laugh with your friends for a good time.I am going to go through a quick flash of what we have been doing for the past few days in creativity fortnight.

Okay so, the whole of year 3/4 has been learning about 60’s + 70’s.On Monday Miss Collins class (the class I am in) we found out about famous pupil’s and did water colour paintings of them.On Tuesday we did geometric 60’s art and coloured them carefully with oil pastels.Today (Wednesday) we have been camouflaging the peace sign as the 60’s were the times of peace and there was hardly any big fights or gangsters.The picture below is how the peace sign looks.


We are going to do the 70’s next week (I think) because we have been doing stuff about the 60’s alot recently so I think we will be carrying it on until Friday then next Monday we will be learning about the 70’s.Well that’s my stuff done so I best get going I will talk to you some time again.


Alisha R

Day 2 in Creativity Fortnight!!

Finally creativity is finally here-YAAY!Today we have been doing art in Miss Collins class.In art we used water colours (yesterday) and today we were using oil pastels.Yesterday we used water colours to make potraits of  famous 60’s celebrity’s like Twiggy,John F Kennedy etc.(We are learning about the 60’s + 70’s in creativity fortnight).Today we are using oil pastel’s to make geometric art as it is obviously used in the 60’s.By the way I am only talking about the 60’s at the minute as we are’nt learning about the 60’s and 70’s together other wise it will be confusing.I am really exited about what we are going to do next as we are going to use plain white and blank t-shirt’s to make a piece of art-and that is definitly going to be extremly FUN!!In Creativity Fortnight you have NO MATH’S,ENGLISH,SIENCE ETC!I miss I.T.C but I will always have a  computer at home!I like English more than maths-NO OFFENCE TO MR.FLOOD …because Ms.Mulholland is funny.In my opinion creativity is the best occasion/celebration in school,esspecially now because its the schools 60TH ANNIVERSARY!Happy Birthday School!!In creativity we will have street party’s because the school is turning 60 years old.That’s all from me now.but I will keep in touch with you.BYE!

Alisha R