Creativity Fortnight!!! [Week one]

What’s coming up in the next 2 weeks?


Well, Year 6 have made a film to do with stories from over the years of Benton Park with Haltwhistle, Year 5 have been doing some photography and Year 3/4 have been doing some things to do with perspective and I am not sure what Year 1 and 2 have been doing, all I know is that it is to do with the 80’s and 90’s.

Next week Year 5 and 6 who are going to ‘Dance City’ and Year 3/4 or going to be tie dying some T-shirts. Everyday there will be a radio show broadcasting by some of the older children in the school. And on the last Friday all the parents/carers are allowed into the school to look at the displays from all of the schools art work, on that same Friday we will be having a very very very special radio show with several of the 5/6 radio crew members which will include lots of cool competitions, super songs and lots lots more!

From Bethan


60 years of Benton Park

Hi I’m Bethan and I am going to tell you all about what year 6 have being doing to prepare for Creativity Fortnight.

A while ago the Haltwhistle film project came in to do some filming with all of Year 6. The first bit of filming we did was interviewing people who came to Benton Park in past years. We also interviewed Varun. Then we took some off the main stories they told and re-anacted them on film. Reccently we have been editing the stories.

On the KS2 Radio show we have a new feature called “Guess the Decade”. It is amazing you get given three clues and you have to guess the decade. Pretty simple really.

I am looking forward to doing things on our class decade witch is…. The 50s!

Thank You for reading.