No!!! Creativity Fortnight is almost over! Well, the days have flown by, and we have done LOADS! I’m in Ms Mulhollands class (Y3/4M) and we have been doing loads of stuff like different types of dancing. Today (the 11th July) we’ve learnt how to face paint and we painted each others faces!

The Plan

Yestarday we planned our designs. We were doing the glam rock style from the 70’s (because we’re learning about the 60’s & 70’s, silly!) and then coloured them in. My colour scheme was blue, pink, black and white and I certainly chose the right colours!

What was the design?

Well everybody done a different design. Some people went for a black and white theme (rock-ish) and others went for colourful, random stuff (glitz and glam). Casey’s face was amazing, she had black, purple and red on. It was rock – ish. It was totally and utterly AMAZING! Most people had lightening bolts across their eyes, but I had Pixelated lightening strikes on their cheeks. He he! I loved all the designs, well done.

Week One

Yay, 60 years of BPPS!

Well, has everyone had a good time? I know it’s only been a few days but we’ve done lots! All the staff have been working extremely hard to make this fortnight brilliant, and so far it has been! I’m sitting in the Y5/6EB class and Ms Powley is here- exhausted with all of the hard work she’s been doing for our display.

 Year 1/2 have been studying the 80’s  and 90’s, and my cousin Josh says he has had lots of fun learning new things. Year 3/4 (which has me in it!) Have been studying the 60’s and 70’s, and we’re learning how to tye die, colour and draw checkerboard ‘OP’ art, and we were learning ALL about ‘flower power’! And it all links into then. Finally Y5/6 have been learning about the 50’s (I am litterally sitting in front of it!) and I’m really impressed about the work. Y5/6EB have made a huge mini – museum about the 50’s (I know that because I’m looking at the display right now) and they’ve got loads of props.

In my class, we’ve also made a class museum about things like the music, dolls, clothes etc. It’s been really fun because everybody’s took part and loved it!

On Monday, we had a launching assembly, which had Steve and Karen, from metroradio come and surprise us on the radio!

It’s only been two days and already we’ve done lots (as you can see!) But I”ll keep you informed until the end of this fantabulous fortnight!



Creativity Fortnight!

Well, Creativity Fortnight is coming and we can’t wait! We’ve got a school logo competition, (I’ve saw lots of them and they’re AMAZING!), a opening assembly, loads of fun activities and most importantly, the Mayoress is coming! She is planting a  The choir are singing a hymn, the same one as when the school choir when the school first started, and Laura, in Y3/4F, has got a solo! Well done Laura. There is also a small group, which consists me, Ruby in y3/4M, Kyle, in Y5/6T, and more! But we’re all gonna have a great time! So Happy Creativity Fortnight!