Clog Dancing

On Monday, Mr Flood’s class did some cracking clog dancing. Laura Connolly came into school to teach clog dancing. If you have no idea what clog dancing is, I’ll tell you. Clog dancing is a dance that has been danced for generations in Britain and has been passed from father to son for years. It is similar to tap dancing, except you wear wooden, handcrafted shoes instead of metal-soled shoes. Clogs (the shoes) were also passed down through the years. They were worn to work and used to dance after a long day’s work. Anyway, Laura, the lady who taught us to clog dance, taught us some steps and moves. After practicing our steps and creating our own routines, we peformed in front of Mrs Anderson’s class at ten to twelve. All of us loved doing the clog dancing.

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Clog Dancing

On Monday 8th July, Mr Floods class were in the key stage 2 hall practicing clog dancing with Laura Connolly, a professional  clog dancer who has been clog dancing for 19 years! Anyway we all wore special shoes  made just for clog dancing and practised 5 moves. Then everyone parted in four groups and made up a new dance!

In the end, year 1/2 (Mrs Andersons class) came to watch us and they said it was brilliant!