Creativity Sharing Assembly

So Creativity Fortnight comes to a close! We hope you all enjoyed it.

We had a wonderful sharing assembly finding out about the Magical Boggits, poisonous potions, the wonder of colour and the dark magic of ‘The Savage’

Here are the highlights!

But before we sign off we must thank Mrs Eaton, as behind all ‘the magic’ lies an organiser, cajoler, motivator and someone with Magical Ideas-and she is all of those.

Year 3/4 Colour Animations

Foundation Stage: Boggits

Year 5/6: The Savage

Key Stage 1

Creativity 2016!

Hi I am Robin and am here to bring you another update on Creativity Fortnight.


image As you know, us in Year 5/6 have been studying The Savage by David Almond ( see above ), and the Year 6’s went to the Live Theatre to watch The Savage on Tuesday and I am sure they will all agree that it was epic! In class we have been doing sketches of some of the illustrations in the book, as well as painting and shading them too. Dave McKeans illustrations were really hard to replicate!

I am sure that everyone is really looking forward to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party tomorrow, I certainly am! Have you got your hats ready?

Unfortunately it is almost the end of Creativity Fortnight but I am looking forward to making a fresh new start next year.


What can you remember | Things to be won Creativity Edition!| Winners are 2017robin and Mr Shepard!

Welcome to Things To Be Won this is your host Duncan.

What will you remember forever about Creativity 2016?

Well mine is the trip to see the Savage!

reply in the comment section, I will give a prize to the best answer. Remember to make sure you comments are correctly spelt and grammatically correct! Remember the deadline will be Friday!

Guys if you hadn’t already known there will be an end of the year edition!

the prize will be awarded on Monday!