5/6T Blog Squad: Day 6

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Hi guys this is your update on days 6. Yesterday we started painting our Elmer bench for the reception pupils. We also started to sew our Elmer elephants onto our cushions that will be placed onto our Elmer bench. Meanwhile other people started sketching images from the Tin Forest Story Book. In the story book the Tin Forest there was a man who lived in an abandoned junkyard who made the best of what he had and created a beautiful forest out of all the tin junk. How inspiring!

We were given homework to upcycle old and unwanted items. Some people have already started bringing in things like denim bags made out of jeans, bird feeders made out of wooden spoons and a plastic bottle, drum kits out of card board and a dragon  fly garden ornament.

Thanks for reading we will be giving you updates for the rest of the week. Stay tuned for more information.

Note: The upcycle stall on Friday has been called off due to the picnic and the busy goings on, on Friday!

5/6T Blog Squad: Day 4 and 5

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The blog squad is back and ready to update you on what has been happening in year 5/6T.  Yesterday afternoon we carried on with our Elmer elephant cushion cases for the younger ones in reception. Most people have finished theirs but some are on the way  to finishing. We have also been writing  stories which most people have now finished. One of our members (Hannah) has been starting  the bunting in all different colours. Our landfill site films have finally been completed and all look amazing! We haven’t yet watched them all but the bits we’ve had sneak peeks at are fantastic. Some of the girls in our class  have been  making hair accessories such as: hair bands, bows and other creative things. This afternoon we will be carrying on with our Elmer cushions.

Unfortunately, there is only one more week left of creativity fortnight. But still there’s one more week of fun and packed full of exciting things to come.

Thanks for reading and keeping updated on what’s happening in year 5/6T- be sure to check out the worm watch blogs to see what our team has been up to!

Lucy, Hannah, Tino and Elisha

Worm Watch: Week 1

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Welcome to Worm Watch! We are Alishia, Ben, Emma and Mustapha and we are Worm Watchers! As part of our 5/6 topic we decided to find out how worms compost our garden waste.

We collected worms on Tuesday for the wormery. Then  we put soil and  coloured sand in the container so we could see them moving around because it leaves a trail and we waited to see what would happen. On Thursday we collected more worms for the wormery because we couldn’t see them in the soil but now we can. Look closely at the photographs!

On Friday we went to the kitchen to get some carrots and a potato peeler to peel them. After that  we put carrot shavings in to see how the worms will break it down {to make compost}. We have 14 worms in the wormery altogether.

We will keep you posted abou what happens in the wormery next week. BYE!


  5/6EB Upcycling Project

imageAn old first aid cupboard…a rickety set of shelves…now, what can we transform them into? How can we up-cycle them into something that has meaning and value?

This week 5/6 EB have donned their creative hats and are currently in the process of transforming these plain old bits of furniture into something amazing! Watch this space to keep an eye on our creative D&T developments…image


2nd last day of creativity!!!

Today,I have had great fun but a little sad to,first we drew pictures for the people who were going to leave(that was the sad part).Then,it was playtime and when we got back we did something great and that was the best thing of the day,PAINTING ANOTHER PUPILS FACE!!!!!After that,it was lunchtime  and then I went out blogging. When I got back upstairs everyone in year 3/4 was watching a film, so I started to watch but just then we were going outside to make hopscotches.We worked in groups of three to do this and I worked with two of my best friends but, one of them who’s name begins with A, accidently did it up to seven.

Creativity Fortnight


Today, y5/6T have been drawing huge potraits of boys and girls in school uniform from 1950s and now. It was so fun. One of your group member slept on the massive paper and you drew round him/her.

Mrs.Turner also gave us a sketch of people in school uniforms from 1950s and now. Then you drew in detail their uniforms and painted it (splodgy)

One group accidently spilled water on their potrait and had to re-do it. Anyway, it was fun and we saw the display. It is amazing. I would love to see it tomorrow.

So, what 50s dresses are you going to wear?

Creativity is finally here!

I can’t believe it,creativity has started!On the first day,when it had just began,everyone must of enjoyed it,at least 5 people.While we were working,the teacher turned on some music,people usually start to dance like they did.In the morning,we created a museum  and worked in parteners.We looked at some artifacts from the sixties and seventies,and took photos of them,we also written on pieces of lined paper a bit of facts about these artifacts.Also,we went to the assembly that launched creativity Steven and Karen were there aswell.When we arrived back in the class room,we fineshed our museum.Then,it was time for lunch and play.In the afternoon,we did some OP ART!!!Op art is great fun and everyone can do it. The first thing you do, is make sure the page is landscape, Then draw some circles (your allowed to use compasses ).After that, instead of straight lines draw some squiggly ones.Finally,colour parts of it black but, it has to look like a check board.So, that all from me for now, see you.

Record Revival!

Tuesday the 2nd of July our class (Mr.Floods class) started making records and record covers (they’re pretty good actually) and colouring in them.In my opinion, Mr.Floods class are pretty competitive (no offence to anyone who doesn’t agree).So anyway,when we started making them we had to,well,first paint a circle piece of carboard black on both sides,next,actually,that was really it with the cardboard.So after that we started on the cover,there was four choices of the name of the album,Imagine,Bridge over troubled water,Bat out of hell, and Dark side of the moon!

Tell me if you were to name an album what would you name it and why?

(P.S.If you want to hear more about the record revival then have a little peek at Record Revival,day two!)



Creativity Fortnight

I can’t believe it’s that’s time of year when we don’t do English and Maths and we draw, paint do lots of fun activities. It’s Creativity Fortnight woohoo!!!

For those that are new, Creativity fortnight is when the whole school learn about certain topic for a whole two weeks. This year, we are learning about our school’s 60th birthday but not just the school itself, we also may learn about the fashion or the music or even dances they did then. Different year groups learn about different decades for example 5/6 are doing the 50s. I’m so excited and cant wait to do all the activities we’re going to do ( even though I don’t exactly know what we’re going to do yet ) Later on the fortnight the Lord Mayor is coming to visit our school and  plant a tree for our school’s 60th birthday. That’s something to look forward to. Also the three year 5 and 6 classes are going on a trip tomorrow to go to a place called Dance city which I’m quite excited about.

There’s so much to do and I hope everybody enjoys this next two weeks. BYE!!