5/6T Blog Squad: Day 9

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We’re here to tell you what’s been going on in Mrs Turners class so here we go! Today we have been stencilling our planting drawers and then using brightly coloured paint to liven it up. There’s different designs and patterns such as: a few different flowers, butterflies and other creative things. It’s looking really good and we can’t wait to show it to the receptions along with the other things we have made them.

We have drawn pictures of animals and plants from the ocean and the desert. Next we took string and glued it on around the lines of the pictures. Later on we are going to put tinfoil on it to create pictures that look like they are from the book “The Tin Forest.”

We have received the samples of the new recycling bins. Each bin has it’s good and bad qualities. The bigger one has less grip and is harder to carry down the stairs, but it can fit more in and it looks more professional. We tested it and we think we can safely carry it. The smaller one would fit less in and doesn’t look as good but it would be easier to carry up and down the stairs for all the year 6 recyclers. We are going to ask Miss Witherow to order the larger bins for all classrooms.

Today we have thought about the picnic- what we are going to eat with the budget we have been given and what we would carry it outside in. So we have started to make containers and baskets out of recycled pieces of paper and materials. Our food will all be based on the theme of being ‘green’!

Thanks for reading and keeping updated with what’s been happening in Mrs Turners class!

5/6T Blog Squad: Day 8

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It’s Lucy, Elisha, Tino and Hannah here and we are ready to update you  on  what has been happening in Year 5/6T. Today we have been writing  poems from the point of view of abandoned  objects at the dump (personification.) We wrote about their memories and journeys they have experienced and then their feelings about the dump and about Esther finding them. Our bench has been painted and is waiting to be nailed together which will happen tomorrow and our Elmer cushions are mostly finished but some people are still working on that. Another thing we have painted is the bedside table which we are turning into a planting area for the younger children. All our stories are finished now and are waiting to be put up on display. Unfortunately B&Q aren’t going to give us any plants but we are waiting to hear what the school gardeners say.

Thanks for reading and keeping updated with what’s been going on in our class!

Worm Watch Week 2

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This week we put different worms in which compost quicker but we still kept the other worms in to see what happens and it is working. We put other things in like newspaper and different soil  for the new worms which is a different species because they compost faster than a normal worm.

You can’t see all the worms but you can see some because they dig down very deep in the soil and start composting until it turns into compost. This morning we put the worms in the container there was big worms, small worms, fat worms and skinny worms, they come in all different shapes and sizes.

It was fun putting the worms in the container because they kept on rig gilding around in are hands! Also when we put them in they started to dig down straight away and it was fun to watch. Everyone started to watch the worms because they were new and they were fascinating.

Creativity Radio


  5/6EB Upcycling Project

imageAn old first aid cupboard…a rickety set of shelves…now, what can we transform them into? How can we up-cycle them into something that has meaning and value?

This week 5/6 EB have donned their creative hats and are currently in the process of transforming these plain old bits of furniture into something amazing! Watch this space to keep an eye on our creative D&T developments…image


2nd last day of creativity!!!

Today,I have had great fun but a little sad to,first we drew pictures for the people who were going to leave(that was the sad part).Then,it was playtime and when we got back we did something great and that was the best thing of the day,PAINTING ANOTHER PUPILS FACE!!!!!After that,it was lunchtime  and then I went out blogging. When I got back upstairs everyone in year 3/4 was watching a film, so I started to watch but just then we were going outside to make hopscotches.We worked in groups of three to do this and I worked with two of my best friends but, one of them who’s name begins with A, accidently did it up to seven.

Creativity Radio

Listen to the show again? Or just dip in and out to the best bits!! Or should I say your bits!

You may hear Mel and Abigail twice!! We started again as there was no listeners!


It’s came and now it’s gone!

As we all know creativity is nearly over and I would just like to say how much fun our class have had.We did volswagen campervans,records,paper mache disco balls,fashion (and by fashion I mean flairs and tie die tops),we did clog dancing and disco dancing (well it was kind of 60’s moves in a dance but still……………………it was kind of like disco dancing).

Tell me,did you do any of the things I’ve just told you or did your class do something different?Please comment and tell me what your class did!

Creativity is nearly over!

Tommorow Creativity fortnight is over! As you know, it is also our exhibition tommorow to wrap it all up. Anyone can come, as there will be alot of displays of the schools work during this fornight. It will go on from 1:30pm till 4:00. Some of the displays I know about are the Op art displays on the wall in the hall, some pieces of writing about Benton Park and many more. All the displays will be a mix of writing and art from Nursery to Year Six. Please come! All adults allowed, and children too (if they keep quiet as some classes willl be doing lessons)! Enjoy!

Creativity Fortnight

Its Creativity Fortnight everyone this year it is based on the 60s and 70s  and the schools 60th birthday. Mr Floods have made a Volkswagen campervan as a mosaic. We also started making our very own vinyl discs and a cover.

On Friday in assembly the Lord Mayor is coming to Benton Park primary school I can’t wait. Also the choir are going to sing a song for the Lord Mayor I can’t wait to hear how good they are going to be.

Today we did tie dye with our white t-shirts and made flares.Making the flares were very hard we had to soe cloth to our pants.However, making our tie dye shirts were much easier we wraped it in elastic bands dyed it and eventuallaly we took them off and it made a swirl effect on our shirts.