What can you remember | Things to be won Creativity Edition!| Winners are 2017robin and Mr Shepard!

Welcome to Things To Be Won this is your host Duncan.

What will you remember forever about Creativity 2016?

Well mine is the trip to see the Savage!

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Guys if you hadn’t already known there will be an end of the year edition!

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the Heaton mining disaster

Today I will be talking about the Heaton mining disaster. 

What it was?: It was a horrible disaster, essentially it was a flood that drowned hundreds of people.

how it happened?: It happened when a miner was picking away at the rock he hit an old mine that was filled with water, all the water came gushing in.

did some survive?: Yes, some did survive but barely. They survived by finding a air pocket, just by luck there were two pit ponies. I know you’re your thinking what did they eat. This is what they ate,they killed the pit ponies to keep them alive.

were they found?: Yes, buy the mines inspector Jhon Buddle. They were found nine months after the disaester. After they where rescued Jhon Buddle closed off the Heaton mine.

Thanks for reading!😀

Stotty cakes

Here is the recipient for stotty cakes:

1/2 lb strong white bread flower (680g)

1/2 teaspoon of salt 

1 teaspoon of sugar 

3/4 of a pint (450ml) tepid water 

oven set at 200 C. 400f, gas mark 6. Greased large tray

1.Crumble yeast into a jug . Add sugar and a little  tepid water to mix. Put aside 10-15min to froth.

2 Add strong flour  and salt into a large bowl. Make a well in the middle, pour in the yeast mix and add the rest of the water.

3 Mix, then knead the dough until smooth and elastic. Knead for 10 min.

4 Cover bowl with cloth  put to one side in a warm space keep in mind it has to rise for 1hour.

5 Put the Dough on a floured, divide  in 1/2. Roll out till it is about 2 and 1/2 cm thick. Stick end of rolling pin into the dough to make a dent and prick the top with fork.

6 place the stotties on tray and bake them for 15mins,after baking turn the oven off leave for 30mins.

7 serve with butter,jam,treacle,honey,cheese,ham and pease pudding.

I have enjoyed creativity fort night and the cooking thanks for watching.