It’s came and now it’s gone!

As we all know creativity is nearly over and I would just like to say how much fun our class have had.We did volswagen campervans,records,paper mache disco balls,fashion (and by fashion I mean flairs and tie die tops),we did clog dancing and disco dancing (well it was kind of 60’s moves in a dance but still……………………it was kind of like disco dancing).

Tell me,did you do any of the things I’ve just told you or did your class do something different?Please comment and tell me what your class did!

Oh The Creativity!

As it is creativity I would like to tell you about what creativity I get up to outside of school.Well, I paint little object to give them colour and I make little animals out of pom poms,and of course I do many more!Tell me,do you do any arty things at home or do you just play with technical things like xboxes and DS’ and if you have one, a phone?



Astounding Animations!

On Thursday the 4th of July,year 3/4F started some animations, on the well known events from the 60’s and 70’s,we split into groups for each part of the animation.There was a team doing the 66 world cup,there was a group doing the beatles, walking across Abbey road,there was a group doing the moon landing, there was a group,(now I think this one’s a bit confusing I don’t get why it’s a event(mabye it’s just part of the animation)there were doing records sliping out of there cases.Eh……., but anyway,the last group was the group I was in,we wrote “welcome to the 60’s and 70’s on the board (only we wrote “60’s and 70’s in word) and we ruubbed a bit of then Lewis Narey (our camera man) took a photo and we kept doing the same thing “rub a bit of, take a photo,rub a bit of and so on…………………!”Anyway,in the end it looked absolutley amazing!

Tell me,have you,or will you,or have you been told yet,if you’ll be doing animation during creativity fortnight?

(P.S.If your not,and you want to,tell your teacher (but try not to be rude) why you would really like to do animation.)

Record Revival!

Tuesday the 2nd of July our class (Mr.Floods class) started making records and record covers (they’re pretty good actually) and colouring in them.In my opinion, Mr.Floods class are pretty competitive (no offence to anyone who doesn’t agree).So anyway,when we started making them we had to,well,first paint a circle piece of carboard black on both sides,next,actually,that was really it with the cardboard.So after that we started on the cover,there was four choices of the name of the album,Imagine,Bridge over troubled water,Bat out of hell, and Dark side of the moon!

Tell me if you were to name an album what would you name it and why?

(P.S.If you want to hear more about the record revival then have a little peek at Record Revival,day two!)



Time to get sticky!

On Monday the 1st of June Mr Floods class got all glued up (well,not really we were just doing paper mache),but it was really sticky.We had to dip the newspaper into the huge tray of glue and place it onto the big balloon.Next (this part was the worst) we had to dip our hands right into the glue tray and smother it all over the newspaper covered balloon,to make it smooth (it was horrible for me,I got glue all over my new cardigan).Anyway, once we had did that we had to keep turning the balloon over and doing the same thing over and over again! It’s still not done!

Tell me,if you had to do what Mr.Floods class did, (get glue all over you) what would you think of it,would you feel horrible or cool (and by cool I mean like as if it feels like,nice?)

Creativity Fortnight!

Well, as we all know creativity fortnight is here and I just have to say, even though it has just started I have a list of idea’s just bubbling inside my head,waiting to burst out. Well then ,let me see there’s the first idea of mine which is too have well, as well as a dance day we could one of those mini children’s Britain’s got talent’s! My second idea was that we could have a sculpture building contest of the school of when it first opened ,we could have photo’s of it and the competition can be  between all the classes and Mr Sheperd and Mrs Witherow can be the judges of it and see which class does the best sculpture!

Tell me, what is the one thing on creativity fortnight you would like to?