Tell me about Creativity

Hi guys, as you all know year 6 were out at Heaton Manor and missed all the great things that you did today for Creativity Fortnight so I need you all to me what has been happening today so please comment and tell me what you did I can’t wait to hear all of the different things you did(Oh and if you want to know Heaton manor was great). I will definitely respond to your comment.

Day 4 of Creativity Fortnight

Okay guys so its day 4 of Creativity Fortnight and everything seems to be going great we have already got some work on the walls. well today my class (5/6eb) were totally worn out today we have been doing 1950s dancing and Mrs Turners class and Mr Cowen did it on Monday.So this week is nearly over but there is still lost of things to do so work hard but still relax its creativity Fortnight enjoy (especially the year 6s remember its your last one so have fun while it lasts). Oh wait I almost forgot we have got a special guest tomorrow The mayoress is coming it is really exciting. The choir is going to be sing a song.

Everyone have a great time I will be writing again tomorrow and don’t forget to comment cant wait to hear them!