Creativity is nearly over!

Tommorow Creativity fortnight is over! As you know, it is also our exhibition tommorow to wrap it all up. Anyone can come, as there will be alot of displays of the schools work during this fornight. It will go on from 1:30pm till 4:00. Some of the displays I know about are the Op art displays on the wall in the hall, some pieces of writing about Benton Park and many more. All the displays will be a mix of writing and art from Nursery to Year Six. Please come! All adults allowed, and children too (if they keep quiet as some classes willl be doing lessons)! Enjoy!

Creativity Launch!

Who enjoyed when Steve and Karen came in?? I certainly did! Now we all definetly know that Creativty has begun… YAY! On the very first day we did a portrait of either Twiggy, The Beatles, Martin Luther King or JFK, (John F Kennedy), that were all famous in the 60’s and 70’s. Foundation Stage are doing the Present Day, year 1/2 the 80’s and 90’s, 3/4 the 60’s and 70’s and 5/6 are just doing the 50’s.

Oh, forgot to say, I drew Twiggy and Martin Luther King, but only water-coloured Martin as my Twiggy looked a bit bad in my opinion! Anyway, today we did geometric art which was also famous in the 60’s. Well, thats all I have today, as we havent done much so far!


Creativity Is Here!

As you all know, Creativity is here!!!

We will be doing lots of sloshing paint about and sketching lightly with our perfect pencils! Not just that though, I’m sure! I think this Creativity will be one of the best ones yet, as also its the schools 60th birthday! “Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear schoo-ool, happy birthday to you!”. So, anyway, as Creativity is now here, NO ENGLISH OR MATHS!!! I will quite miss English, but maths was REALLY boring for me!! (Heehee, I also told Mr Flood that, and he was very angry, heehee!) He wasn’t really angry… Creativity is probably the best school occasion, as its really fun, and for anyone who’s new to this school (like my Olivia and Taylor… was he new? Cant remember!), you should seriously be looking forward to it! That’s it from me now, but I’ll be blogging again soon in Creativity!
Jessie W!