Creativity Fortnight

I can’t believe it’s that’s time of year when we don’t do English and Maths and we draw, paint do lots of fun activities. It’s Creativity Fortnight woohoo!!!

For those that are new, Creativity fortnight is when the whole school learn about certain topic for a whole two weeks. This year, we are learning about our school’s 60th birthday but not just the school itself, we also may learn about the fashion or the music or even dances they did then. Different year groups learn about different decades for example 5/6 are doing the 50s. I’m so excited and cant wait to do all the activities we’re going to do ( even though I don’t exactly know what we’re going to do yet ) Later on the fortnight the Lord Mayor is coming to visit our school and  plant a tree for our school’s 60th birthday. That’s something to look forward to. Also the three year 5 and 6 classes are going on a trip tomorrow to go to a place called Dance city which I’m quite excited about.

There’s so much to do and I hope everybody enjoys this next two weeks. BYE!!