Fortnight Finished!

Unfortunately, creativity fortnight has finished but it kind of finished in a good way but also in a bad way! It was good because I got a chance to actually play with my friends in other classes!

But the bad thing was that my best friend (Molly Bell) had left on Friday. Everybody in Mr Floods class made cards for her, but I got her a puzzle set with a frame in a big pink bag! No matter what, we will all be friends!

Anyways, there’s still one week to go ’till the six weeks holidays but until then, everybody, stay in school and be good!!

1960 Fashion!

On Wednesday 10th July, Mr Floods class were tie dying! Tie dying is an activity that helps you design t-shirts. It is simple if you listen to these following instructions.

You will need:

A plain white t-shirt,

A lot of elastic bands,

Colour dye ( from Wilkensons) and

A empty box

First, twist a bit of your t-shirt and tie it with an elastic band really tight!

Next, repeat what you just did and keep on repeating!

Now, open the packet of dye and pour it into the box!

After that, add some water to the box and beat it!

Eventually, place your t-shirt in the box with the dye in and wait for a day!

Finally, the next day take your t-shirt out of the box and take all the elastic bands out and there is your new, colouroful t-shirt!

Clog Dancing

On Monday 8th July, Mr Floods class were in the key stage 2 hall practicing clog dancing with Laura Connolly, a professional  clog dancer who has been clog dancing for 19 years! Anyway we all wore special shoes  made just for clog dancing and practised 5 moves. Then everyone parted in four groups and made up a new dance!

In the end, year 1/2 (Mrs Andersons class) came to watch us and they said it was brilliant!

Record Revival!

In Mr Floods class we are making records with covers from the 60s. We painted circles of cardboard black.  Then we had to name a song out of a list. The choices were, Imagine, Dark side of the moon, Bat out of hell and Bridge over troubled water, I chose Imagine. After that, I drew a picture of roses standing on a rainbow with the word ” Imagine”  in bubble writing on the top of the page. I had nothing else to do so I coloured it in with oil pastels! Once I had done that I just helped Mr Flood do the huge disco-balls!

Well, that’s it for today, ‘till next time, bye-bye!


Creativity Fortnight has officially begun!

Now that its FINALLY creativity fortnight, there’s no Maths or English so, let the fun begin!

In Mr Floods class, we have made a mosaics of caravans and we made a disc with a huge cover. I want to dance, have a art off where whoever is competing has to draw something to do with the 60s and 70s and have a competition between the classes where they have to make the best project about anything they did in the fortnight!

Anyways, now lets get to the exciting part about the Lord Mayor! So next Friday the Mayor is coming to our school therefore we all have to be on our best behavior. Have I said anything about the choir singing? Well the whole choir are going to be singing a song that was sang by another choir in this very school in the 60s but, that isn’t the best part. Unfortunately, I can’t tell you because its a secret! All I can say is practice makes perfect, choir!

I hope you all have a great fortnight and remember everyone, good behavior on Friday!