Creativity Fortnight


Today, y5/6T have been drawing huge potraits of boys and girls in school uniform from 1950s and now. It was so fun. One of your group member slept on the massive paper and you drew round him/her.

Mrs.Turner also gave us a sketch of people in school uniforms from 1950s and now. Then you drew in detail their uniforms and painted it (splodgy)

One group accidently spilled water on their potrait and had to re-do it. Anyway, it was fun and we saw the display. It is amazing. I would love to see it tomorrow.

So, what 50s dresses are you going to wear?

A trip to Metro Radio

“Why are you so happy? Is there anything special today/ tomorrow? asked my mum. Because she had never seen me this happy for anything ever. And it wasn’t hard to spot that I was super-excited because I had my cheeky and mischievous smile still on.

“Tomorrow the radio crews will be going on a visit to the Metro Radio to see Steve and Karen live on their breakfast show,” I said to my mum while watching T.V… So she reminded me that I had to sleep early (if I wanted to reach school at 8:00 a.m. for the trip). So, I had to go to bed early (Nooo!!!)

‘Tring,Tring,Tring…’ called my alarm clock. It seemed as if it was saying, “Wake up Mrugaya! Don’t be late. Steve and Karen wouldn’t like people being late. Hurry up, lazy bum. And don’t forget to tell them that they are my favo…” “Shut up!” I yelled as I pressed the snooze button on the clock.

My mum was very surprised to see me get ready in half-an-hour instead of an hour. ‘Wohoo!!! 1 hour less. I will be on time now!!!” I thought. “There should be trips everyday,” she said “So that you would dress quickly and never be late for school.”

“Oh mum! I won’t be so happy in any other trip. This is my first trip to Metro Radio and you now that I am such a big fan of them.” I said hugging her. “Bye” I shouted as I rushed through the door slamming it behind me.

“Ping” creaked the school doors . When they opened, I could see everyone who was going on the trip chatting, playing on their phones, looking at the photos or just wandering around.  We all kept our things in our cloakrooms and set of for our trip.

The weather was so warm that we walked easily without any coats. We reached the Metro in 15 minutes. We all had to line up between two bins so that the teachers could count us. Then we took the Metro to Pelaw. It was a very tiring but ‘worth it’s effort’ journey. I was looking forward to it because I had never seen it before. But I wish I had . It was a long way, crossing roads, walking through streets full of rubbish.

Finally we reached Metro Radio. Mr.Shepherd tried opening the doors  but they were locked. He tried again but couldn’t open it. So he called Steve and Karen and told them that we had arrived. They opened the doors ( technically, of course not by pushing them.) and sent a producer, Gaynor, to the reception to receive us.

While going upstairs she told us that they had 4 studios in case they had guests or one studio broke down. Then we saw the equipment that they used. We also discovered that they record news and phone calls. So, the news and calls are not live. They also told us that now that they are a part of another radio show, Steve and Karen find it difficult to remember both station names. So, Gaynor has to record the stations names and play them instead of Steve and Karen saying them.

Finally, the time arrived to meet the most famous personalities of the day, obviously it was Steve and Karen. I was very excited to meet such great presenters face- to- face. After reaching the studio, Steve talked us through the whole show and how it all worked (before going live) There were competitions of who had the most posh voice. People from over the UK called and spoke in their most posh voice. We all  giggled after hearing the voices.

After, we moved in a much cooler studio where we could ask questions after we were settled. We also found out that they log on to twitter while the shows. So they can tweet about the show.

We then took photos with them. And got a sheet with their photo and autographs on. “Sorry guys, but we have to go. It’s been a great pleasure meeting Steve and Karen. Hasn’t it?,” said the teachers.

“Yep” we chorused After reaching school, we chatted about the trip before going to our classes. This trip gave me such an experience in a short span of 6 months which I couldn’t get in my own country India.

A very big Thank You to Mr. Shepherd, Mrs. Davies, Steve and Karen for spending their time with us and making this trip a very memorable one.


By: your very own blogger, Mrugaya