2nd last day of creativity!!!

Today,I have had great fun but a little sad to,first we drew pictures for the people who were going to leave(that was the sad part).Then,it was playtime and when we got back we did something great and that was the best thing of the day,PAINTING ANOTHER PUPILS FACE!!!!!After that,it was lunchtime  and then I went out blogging. When I got back upstairs everyone in year 3/4 was watching a film, so I started to watch but just then we were going outside to make hopscotches.We worked in groups of three to do this and I worked with two of my best friends but, one of them who’s name begins with A, accidently did it up to seven.

Creativity is finally here!

I can’t believe it,creativity has started!On the first day,when it had just began,everyone must of enjoyed it,at least 5 people.While we were working,the teacher turned on some music,people usually start to dance like they did.In the morning,we created a museum  and worked in parteners.We looked at some artifacts from the sixties and seventies,and took photos of them,we also written on pieces of lined paper a bit of facts about these artifacts.Also,we went to the assembly that launched creativity Steven and Karen were there aswell.When we arrived back in the class room,we fineshed our museum.Then,it was time for lunch and play.In the afternoon,we did some OP ART!!!Op art is great fun and everyone can do it. The first thing you do, is make sure the page is landscape, Then draw some circles (your allowed to use compasses ).After that, instead of straight lines draw some squiggly ones.Finally,colour parts of it black but, it has to look like a check board.So, that all from me for now, see you.