Record Revival!

Tuesday the 2nd of July our class (Mr.Floods class) started making records and record covers (they’re pretty good actually) and colouring in them.In my opinion, Mr.Floods class are pretty competitive (no offence to anyone who doesn’t agree).So anyway,when we started making them we had to,well,first paint a circle piece of carboard black on both sides,next,actually,that was really it with the cardboard.So after that we started on the cover,there was four choices of the name of the album,Imagine,Bridge over troubled water,Bat out of hell, and Dark side of the moon!

Tell me if you were to name an album what would you name it and why?

(P.S.If you want to hear more about the record revival then have a little peek at Record Revival,day two!)



Record Revival!

In Mr Floods class we are making records with covers from the 60s. We painted circles of cardboard black.  Then we had to name a song out of a list. The choices were, Imagine, Dark side of the moon, Bat out of hell and Bridge over troubled water, I chose Imagine. After that, I drew a picture of roses standing on a rainbow with the word ” Imagine”  in bubble writing on the top of the page. I had nothing else to do so I coloured it in with oil pastels! Once I had done that I just helped Mr Flood do the huge disco-balls!

Well, that’s it for today, ‘till next time, bye-bye!


Super Records

In Mr Flood’s class, we have been making and copying records from bands and singers from the 1960s and 1970s. We had the option to make any record out of Imagine, Bridge over Troubled Water, Bat out of Hell and Dark Side of the Moon. We designed brilliant and bright covers. My album was Bat out of Hell and on it I had a giant black bat, a man with soulless eyes wielding a spear. I also put in Hitler with soulless eyes as well because he did terrible things. I coloured mine in with oil pastels. Then we designed proper records, which were a cardboard circle painted black because that was mainly the only useful material we could use because paper would have flopped over and would be rendered useless. They looked like proper vinyl. We also did back covers and made up our own random songs. It didn’t matter what the songs were called except they obviously had to be related to the album name or it would make no sense whatsoever. It was great fun.

That’s all from me for now. See you soon,