Glam rock

Today(Thursday) we were doing face painting(in Ms Mulholland’s class.) Not only any face painting it was Glam rock. Let me tell you a bit about Glam rock. Glam rock was a man how did designs on people faces. On Wednesday we designed our own design. And on Thursday we were in pairs and we face painted on our parter’s face. It was really fun. I was working with Honey. She painted my face like a monster high person but I really liked it. I wish my face paniting was there on my face forever.

Creativity Fortnight is here

Creativity Fortnigh is here.Which means no English and  Maths.I really like English a lot.But I don’t really like Maths it’s hard in Mr.Flood’s Maths class.Creativity is great fun by far.In Ms Mulholland’s class we have been working to make a Musem display and doing pop art and we have been doing Flower Power posters.

So,bye now.