Creativity 2016!

Hi I am Robin and am here to bring you another update on Creativity Fortnight.


image As you know, us in Year 5/6 have been studying The Savage by David Almond ( see above ), and the Year 6’s went to the Live Theatre to watch The Savage on Tuesday and I am sure they will all agree that it was epic! In class we have been doing sketches of some of the illustrations in the book, as well as painting and shading them too. Dave McKeans illustrations were really hard to replicate!

I am sure that everyone is really looking forward to the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party tomorrow, I certainly am! Have you got your hats ready?

Unfortunately it is almost the end of Creativity Fortnight but I am looking forward to making a fresh new start next year.


Creativity 2016!

Hi I’m Robin and this blog is all about Creativity Fortnight.

Chris Bostock visited our school to tell us some stories and it was amazing how he managed                 imageto captivate the whole school for 30 minutes. In class we have been studying The Savage ( see above ) and looking into the magic of theatre, I forgot to mention that magic is the theme of this creativity fortnight! I am pleased to say that the theatre was EPIC but that’s all I’m going to say because I don’t want to spoil it for you Year 6’s.

I am very excited of what’s to come during the rest of creativity fortnight, including that all important Mad Hatter’s tea party next Thursday. I hope you’re all looking forward to next week too!

The Savage.

Creativity has finally started and Y5/6 is reading a book called The Savage. The Savage is about a boy called Blue. He has started writing a book called The Savage to help with his emotions. The Savage comes to life. Blue wrote that the Savage had punched his worst enemy Hopper. And guess what. It really happened. Blue meets The Savage in his cave and sees something so unreal that even he can’t believe it. The story is short but very interesting. Filled with mystery this book is definitely worth the read!!!!

In class we have been answering questions about The Savage. Here are some of them. Who is The Savage???? The Savage is a wild boy. Is The Savage Unintelligent???? No he knows the difference between wrong and right he can hunt he can do the right things and he can hurt people. These were just some of the questions that we answered. We also did a drawing of The Savage and we are doing emotion pictures of The Savage. I can’t wait to do more. Thanks for reading.