56T Blog Squad: Day 2 and 3

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Day 2 and 3 have been really exciting and we have been doing some new things. We currently have finished posters ( if you wish you may come to Mrs Turners class and take a sneek peek) This morning we have created a wormery and the worm watchers have kept a good eye on them, they will also be blogging to keep you up to date with the worms. Our Worm Watchers are: Alishia, Emma, Ben and Mustapha. The worm watch was created to help us understand what we can do to recylce our food waste and how worms can help us to do this.

We have also carried on filming our landfill demonstrations for the teams that haven’t yet started.

Some of the members in our class have made a start on upcycling a multi storey shelf into a bench for the reception children. We are also upcycling a draw cabinet into a plant bed for the reception children to go into there outdoor learning area. It also happens that reception are learning about plants and growing seeds. We have also written some persuasive letters to B&Q to kindly ask them for 18 bedding plants to jazz up our school for creativity fortnight and to transform our school into quite a green school.

A few of the children in Mrs Turners class are doing a display for the worm watch so you can come have a look whenever you want.

We are trying to encourage the school to become greener by learning more about the enviroment.

Thank you for reading our blog we will be updating you for the rest of the week. If you found this interesting you can check out to Worm Watch blog and they’ll also keep you updated on what’s happening with the food waste and the worms!

After break we watched a short clip of Elmer the elephant which led into our lesson(we also had some of Mustaphas’ birthday cake mmm!!!). We were going to up-cycle some old cushions into Elmer the elephant cushions for receptions outdoor learning area. We found it quite difficult to cut out the shape of the elephant as it was on harder fabric than usual.(they are very colourful so far!).We personally think we have done a very good job.

5/6T Blog Squad: Day 1 and 2

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Hi this is Lucy,Elisha,Tino and Hannah and were going to give you an idea of what Mrs Turners class has been up to as part of our ‘Reduce, Reuse, Recycle’ project. So far we have made a lot of interesting things, such as: huge posters, upcycling (which we are yet to begin) and a tutorial video on how to create a mini landfill. The huge posters we made were designed to persuade people to recycle and include statistics about how much we waste each year and how we could help prevent that in the future. Upcycling is going to be our homework. At home we must find something to upcycle and bring it in before creativity fortnight is up. Upcycling is when you take something old and used, make some adjustments to make it into something new and then give it away (or just to keep for yourself!!!) Landfills are where home waste goes if it is not recyclable. Although some households are quite lazy and throw away recyclable objects when they could be reused or upcycled. They are buried in the ground and left there to rot. For some things it could take up and over 1 million years.

Thanks for reading we will be updating you every day for the following weeks!