Hello! So this is my second post of the Haltwhistle Film Project. We are literally finished our movie and Marc and Vicki are just adding the finishing touches with the editing. Me and Lewis were editing the the egg on the window scene where I threw an egg in Marc’s car which is a scene from a person called Neil telling us about it.

Also Marc made an idea. Instead of making into a DVD we well Marc decided to make it on a website which we all agreed on and thought it was a great idea!

Like I said in my last post I may not have been enjoying this project that much but when me and Lewis were editing it sort of changed because it was quite fun! Thanks to Marc and Vicki for doing all this for us and I’m sure this will be a great film.


60 years of Benton Park

Hello I’m gonna be telling you about creativity this year. So far year 6 have been very busy doing the Haltwhistle Film project with Marc and Vicki. I have found this very tricky especially filming as I haven’t enjoyed some, but I have enjoyed parts of it so thanks to Haltwhistle for this opportunity.

Also on the radio my crew (KS1) have made a new feature called How well do you know the school which is a quiz on Benton Park throughout it’s sixty years. By clicking on the link underneath you will be able to listen to it!

Thank you for taking your time to read my post,