Worm Watch Week 2

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This week we put different worms in which compost quicker but we still kept the other worms in to see what happens and it is working. We put other things in like newspaper and different soil  for the new worms which is a different species because they compost faster than a normal worm.

You can’t see all the worms but you can see some because they dig down very deep in the soil and start composting until it turns into compost. This morning we put the worms in the container there was big worms, small worms, fat worms and skinny worms, they come in all different shapes and sizes.

It was fun putting the worms in the container because they kept on rig gilding around in are hands! Also when we put them in they started to dig down straight away and it was fun to watch. Everyone started to watch the worms because they were new and they were fascinating.

Worm Watch: Week 1

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Welcome to Worm Watch! We are Alishia, Ben, Emma and Mustapha and we are Worm Watchers! As part of our 5/6 topic we decided to find out how worms compost our garden waste.

We collected worms on Tuesday for the wormery. Then  we put soil and  coloured sand in the container so we could see them moving around because it leaves a trail and we waited to see what would happen. On Thursday we collected more worms for the wormery because we couldn’t see them in the soil but now we can. Look closely at the photographs!

On Friday we went to the kitchen to get some carrots and a potato peeler to peel them. After that  we put carrot shavings in to see how the worms will break it down {to make compost}. We have 14 worms in the wormery altogether.

We will keep you posted abou what happens in the wormery next week. BYE!