Creativity fortnight

hi my name is Adam and I am going to talk about what I’ve been doing for creativity fortnight and our topic for it is……………mining and later on I will tell you how to weave.Weaving is very fun hear are the steps that you need to now.

1)get a piece of card.

2)cut teeny triangles on the piece of card

3)get any piece of wool

4)wrap the string in the middle of the triangles.

5)next put the wool under the wool then over then you respite it until you get the the bottom of the card

Thats how to weave that’s all for know .



the Heaton mining disaster

Today I will be talking about the Heaton mining disaster. 

What it was?: It was a horrible disaster, essentially it was a flood that drowned hundreds of people.

how it happened?: It happened when a miner was picking away at the rock he hit an old mine that was filled with water, all the water came gushing in.

did some survive?: Yes, some did survive but barely. They survived by finding a air pocket, just by luck there were two pit ponies. I know you’re your thinking what did they eat. This is what they ate,they killed the pit ponies to keep them alive.

were they found?: Yes, buy the mines inspector Jhon Buddle. They were found nine months after the disaester. After they where rescued Jhon Buddle closed off the Heaton mine.

Thanks for reading!😀